De rest van de wereld

Take me to Canggu paradise

After a long day of sun and surfing, I stopped by Kakilima. A restaurant that is located next to the beach on Batu Bolong. I stepped in the restaurant on the terrace with this million-dollar view. Kakilima has a beautiful grass field, where you can lye on with pillows on a blanket. A perfect […]

Petani: A taste of Indonesia

As we walked through the streets of Ubud, we saw this breath-taking restaurant called Petani. It is part of de Alaya Resort. Petani restaurant was voted the best Indonesian restaurant of 2013 by Bali Advertiser.
The relaxed atmosphere sunk in when we sat down at the rustic wooden tables. When you look around, you’ll […]

Secret hideaway on petitengeit

This gorgeous modern Asian tapas bar is tucked away above the great Taco Local. Jicama is a pearl with a roof terrace around and in the middle there is fully stocked bar. The bar is their pride, as they are just starting up. The signature cocktail of Jicama is The Merchant’s Daughter. With ingredients like […]

Short stop at the Caribbean

Just around the corner of the busy Jalan Laksmana, there is the Caribbean pearl Chara. At this new spot, they love to collide the different tastes of sweet, sour and spicy. The typical food from different influences from the countries around the Caribbean, are the only things that they serve.

The Sweet Potato Fritter is […]

Healthy on Sacred Ground

On my way to the Double Six beach, I spotted this gorgeous coffee place just down Jalan Arjuna. Surati Sacred Ground is the name. My belly was grumbling and I really needed a good Shotgun Coffee Mocca. A delightful robust cup of coffee was just enough to wake me up. The menu is still changing because the old one was too much and of course, they’ll keep the hints of Bali hidden in the menu. But thank god, the breakfast menu was phenomenal. For a healthy-food lover like me, this felt like heaven. […]