After a long day of sun and surfing, I stopped by Kakilima. A restaurant that is located next to the beach on Batu Bolong. I stepped in the restaurant on the terrace with this million-dollar view. Kakilima has a beautiful grass field, where you can lye on with pillows on a blanket. A perfect spot for a sundowner. My drink is perfect for this moment of the day’ the Strawberry Lemon Cooler. Homemade lemonade with crushed strawberry, topped off with sparkling water. A glass full of refreshments. They served us a gorgeous platter of tapas. The tender baby squid was perfectly cooked and the mushrooms were soft en buttery. The delicious Grilled Bacon & Shrimp was my favourite. A crispy piece of bacon wrapped with cucumber, around a big shrimp. The combination with the sweet and sour dip is fantastic. Definitely worth a try! Also on the platter, there was vegetarian samosa. This was a nice and light snack. I loved the “tzatiki” sauce on the side. The Chef’s special Chicken Tajine was served in beautiful brown bowls. You can smell the delicious Indian spices. It was filled with gorgeous herbed chicken, lives, eggplant, bell peppers and garlic. The sauce was to die for! On the side, there was white rice and the combination of these two makes a extraordinary meal. If you’re around Batu Bolong, step by Kakilima by the sea for a sundowner and a lovely meal.

Address: Kakilima by the sea, Batu Bolong street, Canggu. T. +62 361 4731706 / 0819 3609 7258