On my way to the Double Six beach, I spotted this gorgeous coffee place just down Jalan Arjuna. Surati Sacred Ground is the name. My belly was grumbling and I really needed a good Shotgun Coffee Mocca. A delightful robust cup of coffee was just enough to wake me up. The menu is still changing because the old one was too much and of course, they’ll keep the hints of Bali hidden in the menu. But thank god, the breakfast menu was phenomenal. For a healthy-food lover like me, this felt like heaven. I couldn’t choose something, but eventually I chose the Smashed Avocado-Mint, served on pumpkin bread. With this choice made, I promised myself I had to come back to taste the beautiful layered Granola. The Smashed Avocado-Mint was an amazing choice. The lovely pumpkin bread is homemade and it was one of the best slices of bread I ate on Bali. The pretty and funky combination of the avocado, mint and feta was mouth-watering. As a main, I ordered a delicious Sunny Side up Sandwich. Two eggs with bacon, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes and lettuce. Yummy! I think I can’t eat for a day after this sandwich. As dessert I ordered a Ice Caffe Latte. This refreshing glass of coffee was the kickstart I needed. I felt completely reboot and ready for my day to begin.