As we walked through the streets of Ubud, we saw this breath-taking restaurant called Petani. It is part of de Alaya Resort. Petani restaurant was voted the best Indonesian restaurant of 2013 by Bali Advertiser.
The relaxed atmosphere sunk in when we sat down at the rustic wooden tables. When you look around, you’ll see all grey and brown wooden tints. Petani only serves a la carte menu with the mouth-watering typical Indonesian dishes, such as Betutu Wonton, Crispy Duck and Mixed Grilled Balinese Satay. But as “king dish” they serve Nasi Raja. This signature dish used to be served to the king and royal family.

Just when we were enjoying the soft breeze that ran through the restaurant, this amazing looking dish was brought to us. Flabbergasted about the way it looked and after tasting it, we felt like real royals. On the Nasi Raja there were different small bamboo boats filled with spicy pork curry, a string bean salad, fish satay, crispy prawns and of course the traditional Balinese perfectly herbed yellow rice. Topped of with some kroepoek. After this tower of pleasure, we still wanted more from this tasty kitchen. The Rice Paper Tuna rolls were well filled with freshly cauterized, light pink tuna and lovely sweet-sour veggies. If you dip the rolls in the sweet chilli sauce, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise for a little bit. For a main course try the Grilled Jimbaran Bay Tuna. A in kintamani’s lime and soja marinated tuna steak, served with a funky mashed sweet potato, which was delightful. The pink tuna fell apart whilst cutting it. Also the Chef’s recommendation Steak Jawa was delicious. A perfectly marinated steak with green veggies and some buttered and fried mushrooms. On the side there was a typical Indonesian peanut sauce.

After these beautiful dishes, we had some colourful smoothies and refreshing juices. Full-on fresh fruit in the drinks, such as dragon fruit, berries and detoxing ginger. They serve most creative combinations, but you can also choose a combination of your own personal taste.

We definitely had enough to eat, so we were surprised when Restaurant Manager Krisna joined us and brought three platters with desserts. A classic blueberry cheesecake which was rich and creamy and it looked magical. Of course the Local Sweet Temptation was screaming “eat me” at us. A platter filled with traditional Indonesian specials, like black rice pudding, klepon, lapis, grated coconut and a insanely good banana fritter topped with some cinnamon. With some privilege we had the honour to try their new dish: Loempia Goreng. Wow, this was a very tasteful extra to our lovely afternoon. A crunchy filo pastry filled with tropical fruits, vanilla sauce and a sesame crust. This new dish is now on their menu! So check this out.

Afterwards we talked about their coffeebar. With their 4 handle limited edition “La Marzocco”, Petani distinguishes theirselfs from other restaurants. Their coffee has an light floral taste. The OJI Cold Brew was delightful. Strong coffee with ice cubes and takes a couple of hours to brew. One of their star-coffees which is definitely worth a visit to Petani restaurant in Ubud.