This gorgeous modern Asian tapas bar is tucked away above the great Taco Local. Jicama is a pearl with a roof terrace around and in the middle there is fully stocked bar. The bar is their pride, as they are just starting up. The signature cocktail of Jicama is The Merchant’s Daughter. With ingredients like lemongrass-infused gin, fresh watermelon slices, lime juice, Campari and their delicious homemade watermelon jam. This is definitely the most sweet jam I’ve ever had and it was lovely. The manager Andre told me that this was the hardest to make, but now it’s close to perfection.

As I sat down in the sun, enjoying the beautiful surroundings, Andre and Sebastian told me that the concept of Jicama is small plates to share while dining. So now it was my turn try. First up, a delicious Bao bun with twice-cooked pork belly. A steamed Bao bun with seasoned cucumber, crushed peanuts, chopped cilantro and hoisin. This makes the sweet glaze. The Bao was delightful.

One of their most wanted dishes is the KFC. Not mistaken with the fastfood, Korean Fried Chicken with gochujang dressing and pickled jicama. The dressing is a typical Korean sweet and spicy sauce. The jicama has an apple and pear texture which was really good. I loved the sauce where the batter was mixed with. The Chicken Thigh Rice Noodles were up next. Wow, this chicken was mindblowing delicious. Prepared with mum’s recipe, the lemongrass-infused chicken thigh was absolutely the star of the evening. I couldn’t stop eating the chicken thighs with market greens, cha gio, seasoned cucumber, pickled jicama, crushed peanuts and the divine chili vinaigrette!

If you want a small sandwich for lunch, their Banh Mi Tempe is delicious. A flat-toasted baguette, pickled jicama and carrot, cilantro and a lemongrass dressing. This Vietnamese sandwich is made with the best baguette I’ve eaten since arriving on Bali. The ingredients were stacked on top of each other and the sandwich fell apart in my mouth. While I’m enjoying the afterglow of these beautiful dishes, I see the beautiful ‘inside garden’ with hanging plants. I’m delighted when I hear they’re for sale.