Just around the corner of the busy Jalan Laksmana, there is the Caribbean pearl Chara. At this new spot, they love to collide the different tastes of sweet, sour and spicy. The typical food from different influences from the countries around the Caribbean, are the only things that they serve.

The Sweet Potato Fritter is made of mashed sweet potatoes, which are breaded and fried, served with a delicious tropical salsa and sour cream lime sauce. The nice sweet potato is perfectly combined with the sweet and sour salsa.

This nice starter is followed up by the Coco Loco Shrimp. Their famous fried crispy large shrimp. Topped off with some caramelized fresh coconut and served with a golden orange dipping sauce. The breaded shrimp was delightful, but the star of the dish was definitely the sauce. Spicy but sweet. It was a perfect combination on a plate.

As I always have a spot left for dessert, the Baked Apple Crumble called my name. What a beautiful presentation! A whole green apple, stuffed with a fresh apple, mix of cookie crunch and raisins. On the side, there was a creamy cinnamon scoop of ice cream. The combination of warm and cold was refreshing: the soft pieces of apple in combination with the cinnamon ice cream were absolutely lovely. For a night in the Caribbean, you’ll definitely have to stop by Chara.