Starting of this week with a beautiful classic Italian dinner? This sounds like music in my ears. Bella Cucina has a gorgeous beach view. Sparkling wine with peach got brought to us on the front porch of the perfect salon. As we seated down, there was fresh bread with a lovely oven grilled garlic bulb, which had to be spread on top.

For the starters, there was a delicious buffet with all different small dishes, such as the traditional caprese, fresh marinated salmon with watercress, veggies with grilled parma ham and as a gorgeous extra to these starters: a melon blended to juice with a 24 year old parma ham in a glass. As these delightful dishes weren’t enough, there were some extra’s before the main course. Balsamic syrup with fried chicken and ricotta, garlic scallop with prawn and couscous, fresh tuna marinated with lemon and the last starter that was served, was the delicious pooched egg with truffle, ham and sugar snaps. The lovely smell of truffle got me mesmerized.

After these wonderful plated dishes, it was time for the main course. The Risotto allo Zafferano, Piselli, Fava, Pomodori Secchi e Spuma di Finocchi. Sounds decadent, right? This lovely, perfectly cooked risotto was made with green beans, fava beans, sundried tomatoes and amazing fennel juice foam.

As dessert, my favourite was definitely the Chocolate Cappuccino. It melted straight on your tongue. After this night, oh please, take me to Italy!