In front of The Colony Hotel in Seminyak is the toned-down restaurant Urchin. This beautiful restaurant opened two weeks ago, so it was about time I took a look. I got welcomed by the lovely hostess, which brought me some delightful sparkling white wine. As I looked around the restaurant, it has an industrial vibe. I instantly fell in love with the open kitchen, I only could stare at the chef plating the dishes. This is good for the interaction between the guests and the kitchen. The 80% seafood menu has outstanding choices, I chose the Roasted scallops with cauliflower and kipfler, which is a kind of potato. The scallops were grilled shortly and perfectly topped off with chicken jus. On the side they served homemade sourdough bread. The original recipe is from Tartin in France. Buttered with a creamy butter, this piece of bread tastes like heaven.

For the main course my eye fell on the crispy skinned Red Snapper. The snapper came with carrot sauce, glazed almonds and sherry vinegar. Absolutely delightful! The refreshing and sour carrot garnish finished the dish.

I was hesitating to take a dessert, but the hostess insisted. An absolutely gorgeous plated dessert got brought to me by the Chef Steven. It had three different textures mixed in one dish. These cooking skills are astonishing! The buttermilk chiboust with lime was on top of the pineapple granite and coconut ice cream. A magical combination and it was lovely. I’m glad popped by this gorgeous and great restaurant and I’ll be back to explore the more casual experience at the Raw Bar with fresh fish and seafood, such as sashimi, tartars and sushi. If you’re in Seminyak, this is definitely worth it to stop by.